Agile Magnetics Products: Split Bobbin Transformers

All transformers work on the same basic principles, but when constructing electrical systems — especially complex electronic devices — it is essential to keep design differences in mind.

Split Bobbin Transformers are double wound transformers in which the primary and secondary coils, separated by an insulation barrier, are wound side by side on a bobbin. This insulation boundary creates excellent isolation and low capacitive coupling.

Versatility in PCB Applications

Known for its versatility in PCBs this transformer design can easily be constructed in a European style, meeting all international safety standards.

Non-concentric winding negates the requirement for expensive electrostatic shielding, generally considered a necessity for standard secondary-on-primary coil PCB designs, and allows these transformers to maintain compact sizing and operate in the small spaces required by PCBs. In spite of their small size, split bobbin transformers maintain power and dielectric strength properties sufficient enough to operate in a range of high-tech electronic devices.

Expert Consultation and Excellent Quality

Choosing the most appropriate transformer for a given application is essential; not only does such selection ensure efficient and long-lasting operation, but it also safeguards against breakdowns that can seriously interrupt productivity and potentially even compromise safety.

At Agile Magnetics, our designers and engineers are among the most qualified and experienced in the industry. For more than two decades, our team has been custom designing innovative transformers and remains on the cutting edge, equipped with both the highest quality equipment and an advanced, 40,000 square foot facility.

Whether you are choosing a standard split bobbin transformer, improving an existing design, or creating a new product from scratch, we are here to help. From prototypes to full production, all of our products are fully ISO compliant, consistently meeting or exceeding the industry’s toughest standards.

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