Agile Magnetics Products: Shielded Fly-Back Transformers

Custom-made for Every Need

With a simple, low-cost design and highly adaptable performance, Fly-Back Transformers are a popular solution for lightweight and electronic applications.

While it offers lightweight, compact assembly and a host of other benefits, Flyback Transformers can lead to noise, or leakage inductance. Without dampening, leakage inductance and parasitic capacitance can cause a destructive, ringing waveform that affects both the EMI spectrum and the switch drain.

Fortunately, there are many design solutions to minimize these factors in any custom transformer. Shielded Fly-Back Transformers utilize a Faraday shield between windings. This conductive foil, featuring a single ground connection, adds to the complexity of the transformer but is the most effective way to reduce its capacitance. Shielding of the outermost winding also can reduce the stray fields and cut down EMI emmisions.

Industries and Applications

Agile Magnetics’ custom magnetics and Fly-Back Transformers serve a wide variety of industries and equipment demands.

Fly-Backs are often mounted to a PC board; their light, compact options make them especially useful in electronics and delicate instruments. Typically operating at higher voltages, the transformer design can be modified with additional windings for additional power sources on a circuit board.

They can often be found in:

  • Medical devices and electronics
  • Telecommunication power supplies and convertors
  • Computing and consumer electronics
  • High performance power supply and conversion for industrial applications
  • DC power conversion
  • Converter and inverter solutions in automotive electronics

Custom Shielded Fly-Back Transformers at Agile Magnetics

Agile Magnetics’ engineers offer innovative custom design, precision manufacturing, and premium sourcing for projects across industries. Our team is proud to offer design service and custom work from prototype to production in transformers, coils, inductors, and more. We are ISO 9001 compliant, and our products can be manufactured to UL, CUL, VDE and CE, with UL and CUL markings when required.

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