High Voltage Step-Down Transformer

Composed of Custom Components

At Agile Magnetics, we have been offering premium quality precision transformers for over 20 years. We work with a range of custom electromagnetic units, including, but not limited to high-voltage assemblies. Our team of highly skilled and experienced designers helps customers to develop components that meet their exact specifications.

Agile Magnetics manufactures High Voltage Step-Down Transformers for a broad array of applications such as:

  • Taking the incoming transmission line or mains power supply and adapting it for use in a lower voltage equipment, generally stepping it down to 110, 120, 240, 480v.
  • Using control circuits in large equipment

The step design is a very basic transformer, using a ratio of turns to decrease the voltage and increase the amperage (current) proportionately. Smaller units are also used in electronics for surface mount or through-hole boards for a wide variety of functions for example ignitors, transmitters, or lasers.

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Agile Magnetics has been a manufacturer of High Voltage Step-Down Transformers for industrial applications for several decades. Our factory is setup for fast design and production using automatic transformer design software and integrated manufacturing to UL / CUL / VDE and CE standards. To find out more about our services, contact us directly.