Agile Magnetics Products: Through Hole Fly-Back Transformers

High Performance, High Quality

Fly-Back Transformers are low-cost, highly customizable, and an ideal solution for electronics and miniature applications. Agile Magnetics offers Fly-Back Transformers in both surface mount, and through-hole configurations.

With through hole technology, the transformer is crafted with a mounting scheme of leads to be precision matched to pre-drilled holes in a PCB, with soldered pads to be fitted for contact. They are especially common in electronics.

Industries and Applications

With the miniature potential of Fly-Back Transformers, Agile Magnetics’ engineers offer a full host of custom designs to serve any specialty application.

Through Hole Fly-Backs’ small nature make them especially well-suited for small, sophisticated circuit boards and electronic applications.

They can often be found in:

  • Medical devices and electronics
  • Automotive circuit boards and controls
  • Telecommunication power supplies and convertors
  • DC power conversion

Custom Through Hole Fly-Back Transformers at Agile Magnetics

Agile Magnetics offers innovative design, precision manufacturing, and premium sourcing for the most specialized magnetics solutions, from heavy duty to miniature and precision, across industries. Our custom work includes not only transformers, but coils, and inductors.

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