Variable Inductor Solutions

Custom-Made for Every Need

Inductors provide key circuit and current flow management for signal processing, analog circuits, and more. Among the most common of these components is the Variable Inductor, often found in antennas, radio applications, and electronics.

Variable Power Inductors

Since 1992, Agile Magnetics has created custom power inductors in a variety of styles and materials, including Variable Power Inductors.

The most popular of today’s variable inductors is wound with a moveable ferrite magnetic core. As the core is moved deeper into the coil, it increases the core’s permeability and thus its inductance.

The adjustable nature of Variable Power Inductors makes them an ideal component for radio applications and sensitive environments that require precise tuning. The flexibility of the core’s magnetics can compensate for any manufacturing tolerances or necessary environmental variations, supporting the function of equipment such as antenna tuners and matching circuits.

Variable Inductors at Agile Magnetics

The Agile Magnetics team sources, designs, and manufactures our custom inductors from start to finish, ensuring the highest performance and quality. Our cost-efficient variable inductors join a catalogue including toroidal, iron-core, and air-wound inductors crafted to almost any specification and inductance values.

From prototype to production, Agile Magnetics’ staff of electrical, manufacturing, and quality designers and engineers offers the reliability and innovation demanded by the best precision magnetics applications. Inductors, transformers, and coils are just the beginning of what we can do. Inquire today to see how our team can help with your next project.