Other Custom Inductor Assemblies

We have designed custom magnetic solutions for over 23 years at Agile Magnetics. Our 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility allows us to fabricate a complete variety of custom inductors.

Litz Wire Inductors

Litz Wire Inductors are a perfect choice for all different wire gauges, strand sizes, and core geometries. Our litz wire can be used in magnetics ranging from 20 KHz to 1 MHZ and on geometries that include toroids, RM, POT, E-cores, and more.

Litz wire is composed of multiple thin wire strands, with each individually insulated and braided or twisted into a specific, uniform pattern. These configurations of multiple strands are designed to reduce losses due to the following two conditions:

  • Skin Effect — This condition describes how current flow at high frequencies tends to be confined close to its outer layer, or “skin.” By increasing the number of strands, the surface area is also increased—lessening the skin effect without increasing the conductor’s size.
  • Proximity Effect — When nearby conductors generate magnetic fields close to inductors, the current can flow in concentrated distributions or loops. This phenomenon can cause greater power losses at high frequencies. The twists or weaves of litz wire help to ensure that all strand currents remain equal.

Copper Wire Inductors

Copper Wire Inductors are an excellent material choice when high efficiency, high conductivity, and cost-effectiveness are desired. This type of inductor offers size reduction, strong heat dissipation and lower voltage stresses between turns of a foil winding.

Used For a Variety of Applications

Litz Wire and Copper Wire Inductors are relied on for applications that include:

  • Inverters
  • Relays
  • Power Supplies
  • Converters

A Wide Selection of Inductors

In addition to litz wire, we offer a wide selection of custom inductors for all different industries:

Common Mode Choke

These provide a low-cost, effective method for filtering EMI noise.

LLC Choke

Our custom LLC resonant circuits are widely used for switch mode power supplies that need to operate at high efficiencies and switching frequencies.

PFC Choke

Power Factor Correction (PFC) choke inductors allow current waveforms and voltage to be in phase, maximizing power.

Inductors designed and manufactured by Agile Magnetics are built to UL / CUL / VDE and CE, with UL and CUL markings when required. Agile Magnetics is an ISO 9001 compliant manufacturer. To find out more about our other Custom Inductor Assemblies or to get a quote, contact us today.