Other Coil Assemblies

Custom Coil Assemblies for the Electrical Industry

For over 23 years, Agile Magnetics has been at the forefront of custom production and design of Coil Assemblies. Our custom Coil Assemblies consistently offer the lowest levels of loss available — all while maintaining high quality, reasonable costs, and repeatable results.

Agile Magnetics manufactures Coil Assemblies in a variety of dimensions using a range of inductance and wire gauges based on the specifications of our customers’ particular applications. Some of our featured Coil Assemblies include:

Isolation Transformers

Prevent signal interference and direct power between independent circuits without the use of direct wire connections.

Pulse Transformers

Produce right-angle pulses, and help to balance electrical signals.

Magnet Wire Coils

The materials for this product are sourced only from reliable, high-quality suppliers.

Air Core Coils

Manufactured in a variety of dimensions, using a range of inductance and wire gauges.

Iron Core Coils

Used for a complete range of functions in products designed for daily use including TVs and radios.

The finest quality in the industry is guaranteed with our ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certifications. Our Coil Assemblies can be built to UL, CUL. VDE, and CE standards, and can features UL and CUL markings when requested.

To learn more about our custom Coil Assemblies, request a quote or contact Agile Magnetics today.