Custom vs. Standard Transformer

An important part of any electrical application, transformers work to ensure that the voltage of an electrical source is changed to the requirements of the electrical circuit.

Transformers take electrical energy from one circuit, such as the grid, and transfer it to another, such as a piece of machinery. During the transfer, transformers either increase or decrease the voltage as necessary. The change in voltage is performed via electromagnetic induction, created by two or more coils surrounding a ferromagnetic core.

Transformers can fairly simple at their most basic, though there are a multitude of factors that go into their design. Many of these factors can be highly specialized for particular applications, and it can be difficult to find standard transformers that meet all of your project requirements. This unique standardizing challenge is why so many turn to Agile Magnetics looking for custom transformers.

Custom Transformers

Different types of transformers can be customized to meet a range of different requirements. The most important requirement for your project will dictate the types of custom transformers you should consider. Below are some of the typical project requirements you’re likely to come across, each matched with the custom transformer type that best meets those requirements.

Limited Space

As technology advances, hardware continues to shrink. If space is your primary concern, you’ll want to investigate high frequency transformers.

High frequency transformers are designed based on universal wound, ferrite, or powdered iron transformers. Agile Magnetics’ high frequency transformers are designed to maximize the use of space by selecting the proper core geometry that best fits into the available area. They minimize skin effect losses and hysteresis, as well.

Noise Reduction

High frequency transformers are among the most quietly running transformers available, making them ideal for use in noise-sensitive areas such as laboratories, libraries and recording studios.


To achieve the highest level of energy efficiency, such as those required by ENERGY STAR® for product certification, toroidal transformers may be your best option. Toroidal transformers create near-perfect magnetic circuits which, in addition to being highly efficient, reduce no load losses (such as fringing or distortion) and increase load regulation.

Voltage Stepping

Buck boost transformers are specially designed for efficiency in stepping incoming voltage up or down to meet power requirements. Any given buck boost transformer is optimized for a precise input voltage and a precise output voltage; these should be only used in scenarios with consistent input and output voltage levels.

Agile Transformers

When you work with Agile, you work with more than 20 years of experience in the transformer industry.

Our specialists design and model every custom transformer with our proprietary design software, and our technicians subject every single transformer we produce to a battery of quality assurance tests. We are ISO 9001 certified and manufacture our transformers to meet UL, CUL, VDE, and CE guidelines.

To learn more about Agile Magnetics’ custom transformer design and manufacturing abilities, download our free Custom Capabilities eBook or contact us today.

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