High-Frequency Transformers and Inductors for OEMs

As demand rises for various types of electronics, the need for electromagnetic components is increasing as well. Whether employing transformers, inductors, or litz wire electromagnetic coils, a wide range of electronic equipment and systems depend on high-quality magnetics to ensure reliability and longevity.

At Agile Magnetics, we’ve been providing original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with top-quality custom electromagnetics for 25 years.

Customized OEM Solutions

In addition to our wide variety of standard electromagnetic components for both high- and low-frequency power applications, we also offer fully customized solutions.

When beginning a custom electromagnetics project, our engineering team works closely with OEMs to develop a thorough understanding of application specifications, what’s expected from the magnetic component, and any limitations the application may pose.


Our team then works to design a completely custom magnetic component that will meet the client’s unique needs.

We go to great lengths to ensure the quality of every custom magnetic component we manufacture; our manufacturing center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and automated workstations, and we adhere to strict ISO9001 quality assurance procedures. This holds true for prototyping, small runs, and high-volume custom orders alike.

High-Frequency Transformers

As mentioned earlier, the rapid growth of the personal electronics industry is driving the need for various electromagnetic components, including high-frequency transformers. Any equipment running on poorly designed transformers risks breakdowns and even complete failure, so it’s critical to partner with a trusted magnetics manufacturer.

Made with advanced core materials like ferrite, nanocrystaline, and amorphous, high-frequency transformers are ideal for electronics OEM applications as they can be designed to be very compact, produce less noise than other magnetics, and are highly efficient. Industrial equipment, solar power, and energy conversion OEMs also make frequent use of these transformers.

High-Frequency Inductors

High-frequency inductors  are also in demand by personal electronics OEMs, as well as OEMs in the imaging, medical, and automotive industries. Like high-frequency transformers, high-frequency inductors offer increased efficiency and reduced noise.

At Agile Magnetics, we can manufacture and custom design various types of high-frequency inductors, including both air core and ferrite core, LLC chokes, and PFC chokes. These inductors are specifically designed to reduce power loss, optimizing operations while minimizing costs and downtime.

Work With Agile

Reliable and long-lasting, our high-frequency power magnetic components provide cost-effective solutions for OEMs in all types of electronics sectors. And with computer testing completed on 100% of the products we manufacture, our clients can rest assured that they’re receiving the best in the industry.

Ready to begin work on a custom high-frequency transformer or inductor for your next project? Request a design consultation with an Agile Magnetics engineer today.

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